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DeKalb Metal Finishing based in Indiana provides quality zinc nickel electroplating services with a focus on the automotive industry. Our aim is to provide customers with quality zinc nickel plating services by combining high performance chemistry with industry leading process control equipment. No matter the complexity, we have the capability to provide excellent results.


As a zinc nickel plating company, DeKalb Metal Finishing’s electroplating process is a proven and reliable method for taking an alkaline electrolyte and depositing nickel. Applied nickel percentage can vary based on OEM requirements (e.g. Ford WSS-M1P87 (12-16%), General Motors GMW4700 (5-15% or 10-17%), FCA PS.50031 (12-17%), Toyota TSH6532G (12-18%) or Honda HES D2003 (6-16%). This alkaline zinc nickel plating process forms a true alloy that is suited for maximizing the corrosion protection of steel substrates. Even after 24 hours of exposure to 120° C (250° F) followed by thermal shock, deposits are protected from corrosion. Deposits can also withstand 310° C (590° F) as a continuous service temperature.

Our zinc nickel finish is typically bright, burn free, and ready for our RoHS compliant trivalent passivates. Parts can be sealed for additional corrosion protection or left unsealed in preparation for additional finishes (e.g. E-coat).

Customers looking for a bondable rubber to metal application will find that our zinc nickel plating acts as an ideal base, is receptive to primer and adhesive, and offers a high level of corrosion resistance.

Zinc Nickel Electroplating


  • Outstanding covering power and uniformity of plate distribution
  • Even at high current densities, deposits are bright and burn-free
  • Deposits are blister free and exhibit excellent adhesion characteristics
  • When bent after plating, zinc-nickel plating deposits do not display any whiskers
  • Even after thermal shock, deposits offer exceptional corrosion protection
  • Minimal variation of nickel content as a function of current density
  • Improved resistance against galvanic corrosion
  • Ideal for bondable rubber to metal applications


Zinc nickel plating provides a strong and durable coating for a wide array of products. This true alloy, mixed with high performance passivates and sealers, protects the substrate from water, air, and other corrosive elements that could lead to the formation of rust.

Zinc nickel is considered a sacrificial coating when applied to a product or surface. This means that the elements responsible for causing corrosion must first penetrate the sealer (if applied), passivate, and zinc nickel deposit before forming on the product that’s being protected. This explains why zinc nickel plating will often appear discolored before any rust appears.

Zinc nickel plating, often compared to cadmium plating, is considered the preferred alternative as it is not only safer to use, but more friendly to the environment.

This makes zinc nickel plating an extremely popular choice for automotive, industrial, and manufacturing companies.


Zinc nickel plating can withstand more than 240 hours of salt spray before white rust begins to form, and can withstand more than 1,000 hours of salt spray before red rust appears. We also have special setups that will allow our process to meet all known OEM Cyclic and Kesternich requirements.

It should come as no surprise, then, that zinc nickel plating is the preferred metal finishing for automotive and industrial applications. Compared to other similar metal finishing options, zinc nickel plating is not only highly durable and sustainable but it’s also affordable, allowing companies to choose a cost-effective high-quality finish.


When you’re looking for zinc nickel plating services near you, DeKalb Metal Finishing in Indiana has you covered. Contact us today at 260-925-1820 to discuss your zinc nickel plating requirements. We’ll be more than happy to answer any questions you may have.