Electroplating And Metal Finishing Services For Automotive & General Industry

Clear Zinc Plating

At DeKalb Metal Finishing, we provide electroplating services designed to protect various metal components used in industrial applications. By utilizing an alkaline zinc metal plating combined with a passivate, various metal components can be protected from damage and corrosion. With our plating process, we provide a clear zinc plating that matches the original surface of the metal. Once the zinc metal plating is complete, the components are coated with a passivate layer that provides additional protection from corrosion. This layer can be thin or thick, with the thinner layer providing a bondable surface for parts that are rubber molded. Our clear zinc plating is blister and burn-free, and will not wrinkle if the surface is bent. With our staff of industry professionals, we are confident we can manage medium and large projects in order to help you find the perfect solution for your business.

All of our zinc metal plating processes use the rack method as this provides more consistent quality. No matter the type of clear zinc plating your business needs, DeKalb Metal Finishing has the comprehensive solutions to help protect your company’s investment for the long haul. To Learn more about DeKalb Metal Finishing and our extensive capabilities, contact us today at 260-338-4090, or use our online configurator to request a free quote.