Electroplating And Metal Finishing Services For Automotive & General Industry

About Us




DeKalb Metal Finishing is committed to exceeding our customers expectations by providing superior pricing, process control, problem solving and customer service.




DeKalb Metal Finishing has provided quality electroplating and metal finishing services for the automotive and general industry sectors for more than 70 years. We offer and specialize in RoHS compliant alkaline electroplating with environmentally friendly trivalent passivates and sealers.

Electroplating works by using electrical current to coat a conductive object with a thin layer of material, such as zinc-iron plating, or zinc-nickel plating. Plating is primarily used in order to bestow a desired property such as corrosion protection, abrasion and wear resistance, or aesthetic qualities to a surface that otherwise lacks that property.




To become a leading metal finisher, as measured by number of parts shipped, customer satisfaction, and profitability.




DeKalb Metal Finishing is dedicated to providing our customers with superior pricing, process controls, problem solving and customer service. In addition to being a full-service plating company, we offer a variety of additional services including:

– Truck transportation of your order to you or your customer
– Barcoding
– Special Packaging
– Masking
– Sorting and Inspection