DeKalb Metal Finishing has provided quality electroplating and metal finishing services for the automotive and general industry sectors for more than 70 years. Our electroplating company offers and specializes in RoHS compliant alkaline electroplating with environmentally friendly trivalent passivates and sealers.

Electroplating works by using electrical current to coat a conductive object with a thin layer of material, such as zinc plating, zinc-iron plating, or zinc-nickel plating in order to improve corrosion protection, add aesthetic qualities to the surface, allow for rubber to metal bonding, or increase abrasion and wear resistance.

As a leader of electroplating companies, DeKalb Metal Finishing offers a range of services including zinc alkaline plating, zinc iron plating, and zinc nickel plating with various combinations of passivates and sealers to meet your requirements.


Zinc Plating

DeKalb Metal Finishing utilizes an alkaline zinc plating process that offers a significant advancement in the technology of non-cyanide zinc plating. Our process offers extremely high levels of corrosion resistance without depositing excessive thickness. As an experienced zinc electroplating company, we can meet nearly all automotive plating specifications including those asking for high salt spray hours and cyclic corrosion testing and rubber to metal bonding.

Zinc Nickel Plating

DeKalb Metal Finishing is one of the most experienced zinc nickel plating companies in our region. Our aim is to provide customers outstanding quality by combining high-performance chemistry with industry-leading process control equipment. Our zinc-nickel plating process is robust enough to pass most automotive requirements including post plating swaging, rubber to metal bonding, galvanic corrosion resistance, high salt spray hours, cyclic corrosion testing, and Kesternich testing. No matter the complexity, we are the go-to zinc nickel plating company you are looking for.

Zinc Iron Plating

DeKalb Metal Finishing was the first plating company in the United states to offer Zinc Iron plating. The Zinc-Iron plating process deposits iron at 0.4-0.8% by weight, is extremely fine-grained, very low stressed, and burn-free even at high current densities. Deposits are uniformly bright and mesh perfectly with trivalent passivates. Zinc-Iron plating is very similar to zinc plating but offers better appearance when combined with a black passivate and improved corrosion resistance.