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ZINC Plating

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DeKalb Metal Finishing utilizes a Zinc Plating process that offers a significant advancement in the technology of non-cyanide Zinc Plating. The most remarkable feature of our process is that it offers extremely high levels of corrosion resistance without depositing excessive thickness.

Zinc Plating

Zinc Plating deposits are usually clear, fine grained, and burn free, even at extremely high current densities. Deposits are also exceptionally bright, closely resembling the brightness of acid chloride zinc deposits.
Another extraordinary feature of our Zinc Plating coating is that it is a ZERO-STRESS deposit. Our process contains additives that have been specifically created to eliminate the concern for latent blistering due to the electrolyte.

Our Passivate is a unique and highly protective post-plating treatment system for Zinc Plating deposits. This passivate is based on trivalent chrome compounds that are used in combination with nano-particle technology. Once applied, the film possesses self-healing characteristics which add measurably to the corrosion protection it provides.
This passivate produces a uniform, bright, protective film on electro-deposited zinc surfaces. The color of the film varies slightly, depending upon the type of deposit over which it is applied. Plating non-cyanide zinc deposits typically exhibit a slight pearlescent appearance.

– Extraordinary ability to achieve better than a 2:1 High/Low thickness distribution.
– Superior throwing power.
– Low current density plating rate provides minimum thickness requirements without excessive thickness in high current density areas.

Estimated Salt Spray Results = 240 hours or greater to white rust
Estimated Salt Spray Results = 480 hours or greater to red rust