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DeKalb Metal Finishing has provided high quality electroplating services with a focus on the automotive industry for decades.


Looking for Tin Zinc Plating? Ask us about it.

While not immediately offering the service, we want to hear from you about your needs. We believe with different focuses and specifications arising out of the automobile industry and other places, the demand for tin zinc plating will grow.

Plus, it never hurts to ask.

So, how can we help you with tin zinc plating?

What is Tin Zinc Plating?

Tin Zinc is an alloy that is primarily tin, typically 65-85%, with the remaining balance being zinc for the plating production. Tin is soft and ductile with good solderability. It is also highly conductive, non-toxic, and has some anti-corrosive properties on its own making for a good barrier coating. Zinc delays corrosion further to protect the base metal as a result of electrolytic action.

Tin Zinc Plating Services

Tin Zinc plating has long been recommended for fasteners. The alloy creates such a high corrosion resistance it easily passes tests such as the 1500 hours ASTM B-117 salt spray testing. But the rise in tin zinc plating needs for other electronically conducive components is growing.

Roll Out the Barrel

But wait a minute, doesn't DeKalb Metal only use rack plating while tin zinc plating of fasteners and other components require barrel plating? Yes, currently we only do rack plating. However, remember we specialize in zinc plating and zinc plating alloys for the automotive industry and if the components and needs of an industry change or grow, we will be ready to meet market demand. We know that barrel plating, like electroplating with rack plating, is environmentally friendly and applies a uniform finish. Smaller parts can be better plated via barrel plating and we are ready to roll out the barrel to do it.

At DeKalb Metal Finishing, we know how to meet the requirements for auto manufacturer specifications and our IATF 16949 certified facility can handle the needs of the most demanding applications.

As Zinc Nickel, Zinc Iron, and Zinc Plating specialists, we will always be at the forefront of zinc and plating. We encourage you to talk to our specialists about all your zinc plating needs, including tin zinc. Contact us today at 260-925-1820.