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Our Capabilities

At DeKalb Metal Finishing, we deliver quality electroplating services with an emphasis on serving automotive plating needs. Our goal is to provide zinc nickel plating, zinc iron plating, and zinc plating, through the application of performance chemistry with state-of-the-art process control equipment. Regardless of your challenging project requirements, we are able to deliver first-class results for automotive plating or any other plating projects.

Zinc Nickel Plating

Our zinc-nickel electroplating process is extremely effective in the prevention steel substrates against corrosion. Color options are clear and blue. Our process has been tested against the most stringent salt spray, cyclic corrosion, and kesternich tests and proven to be highly effective. Additionally, our zinc nickel plating process has proven to offer a highly bondable surface for those looking to bond rubber to the surface after plating.

Zinc Iron Plating

Our zinc-iron plating process is the ultimate mix of performance and value, especially for automotive plating applications. While not offering the same level of corrosion protection as Zinc Nickel plating, it outperforms zinc plating and is extremely affordable. Color options are Black and Clear. This process utilizes advancements in plating technology involving the depositing of zinc alloy coatings by using an alkaline electrolyte. Product benefits of our zinc iron plating process include extremely low-stressed deposits, even plate distribution, and high level of corrosion protection.

Zinc Plating

We use an alkaline based zinc-plating process that is extremely robust and affordable. A notable feature of our process is that it delivers an exceptionally high degree of corrosion resistance even with minimal plating thickness. This is due to the application of our nanotech based passivate that is self-healing when scratched.

Rubber to Metal Bonding

For over three decades, our electroplating professionals at DeKalb Metal Finishing have focused on collaborating with component manufacturers that specialize in rubber to metal bonding. Currently, our zinc plating and zinc nickel plating may be applied prior to bonding and deliver a clean, bondable, highly corrosion resistant surface.

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