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08 August 2016

Zinc alloy plating’s mainstream popularity originated in the 1980s. Before then, zinc alloy plating, with the exception of zinc-brass plating, was not heavily used in the industry. Thanks to further refinement and improved production techniques, a variety of zinc alloy plating processes have become commercially acceptable since then. Among them is

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08 August 2016

The process of Plating has been around for many years. While electroplating companies ascended out technological advances made during the English Industrial Revolution, the actual act of plating emerged prior to that time. These early ventures and inventions provided the means through which today’s companies are able to provide clients with the ability to improve the quality and capability of their components. Today, DeKalb Metal Finishing is proud of the role it continues to play in advancing the industry.

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08 August 2016

Zinc is a shiny metal capable of being alloyed with various other metals. One of these is iron. Zinc-iron resembles zinc in color and other characteristics and both are popular plating metals. Yet, although we perform both types of plating at DeKalb Metal Finishing, some clients actually prefer, zinc-iron plating. They select it more often than straight zinc plating because its properties are more advantageous in several ways including ease of further finishing.

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08 August 2016

When it comes to plating, an increasingly popular choice is zinc nickel alloy plating. It has become a favorite for those who want to retain high corrosion resistance, improve substrate functionality, reduce the risk of galvanic corrosion, and improve rubber to metal bondability. Prior to using this alloy, the use of cadmium was most often employed. Cadmium has since lost popularity as it involves the use of highly toxic substances such as cyanide.

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08 August 2016

For a long time, cadmium plating saw a great deal of use, especially in marine and automotive applications. It provided excellent resistance to corrosion and lubricating properties. However, there are some definite drawbacks to using this heavy metal. For one, it has created a great deal of environmental concerns. Many companies have been seeking alternatives to cadmium (like zinc nickel alloy plating) for some time. In fact, zinc alloys are replacing cadmium in many industries today and here are some reasons why.

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08 August 2016

Many industries today are taking advantage of zinc-nickel plating for its superior corrosion resistance. In fact, it is an especially important component of the marine and automotive industries where rust and corrosion are constant concerns. Here are some of the benefits of choosing zinc-nickel.

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05 August 2016

When you need parts plated for your business, there are several things to consider before choosing the best plating company for you. Not all plating services are the same, but how can you tell the good from the bad ones apart? Here’s a small list of important things to look for, and several reasons why DeKalb Metal Finishing may be your best choice.

Finding the Right Services

A good plating company provides more than just plating options. The added services some of those companies offer can tremendously enhance your experience in satisfying more than just your plating needs, beyond the simple application. At DeKalb metal, we provide the following services to our customers:

– Bar coding
– Masking
– Sorting
– Inspections
– Trucking (to either your company or your customer’s)


Nothing is more important than delivering quality products. But how can you tell if a company is qualified enough? Look for certifications. For example, DeKalb Metal is ISO/TS16949 certified. This certification is extremely important for any company within the automotive industry. When you work with a company that has this certification, you can rest assure they will follow strict standards such as:

– Emphasis on defect prevention
– Waste reduction
– Complete quality management system

Non Hazardous Materials

Another important quality feature to look for, is RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances) compliance. This compliance insures the services employed do not use hazardous materials which may sometimes be found in the electronics and other industries. This includes materials like mercury, cadmium and phthalates.

Financial Responsibility
When looking to start a long-term partnership with a company, you’ll of course want to be sure they will be there for you next week, month, and far into the future. This is why you should consider DeKalb Metal Finishing: we are a debt free company that has been providing quality services for decades, with a 10+ year uninterrupted track record of on-time delivery.

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The Process of Zinc Nickel Electroplating

04 October 2013

At DeKalb Metal Finishing we provide zinc nickel electroplating for customers in the automotive industry as well as other industries requiring parts that are corrosion resistant. Zinc nickel is superior in corrosion resistance to zinc and zinc iron electroplating, and it is also much safer to use than cadmium coating or other toxic and potentially carcinogenic finishing options of the past.

Most automotive zinc nickel electroplating specifications require that we plate between twelve and sixteen percent nickel in the deposit. This produces a surface that can withstand up to 24 hours of 250 degrees Fahrenheit followed by thermal shock without any compromise in the corrosion resistance of the part or component.

The Considerations
There are several factors that are considered before starting the electroplating process. We will spend the time needed to ensure that we understand your requirements for the part and any specifications you have with regards to tolerances for the plating.

We will evaluate the parts you need plated, and then develop a process to electroplate your order to specification. Additionally, we have a 100% on-time delivery record that is very important.

Our plating system is set up to run jobs of all volumes. We can process your parts weather there are a few hundred parts or a few million. All of our parts are rack plated, so each part is handled with care and correctly exposed to the plating bath for optimal uniform plating. We provide plating to your required tolerances. We also provide inspections and testing of the run to ensure the effectiveness of the finishing process.

After the zinc nickel electroplating is completed, the part can be processed with RoHS compliant clear trivalent passivates and sealers. This is an essential consideration for any parts exported, and it is also important for many companies operating here in the United States. Our deposits are blister free and allow easy bonding of rubber to the metal parts, which makes this a very versatile metal finishing option.

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