Zinc is a shiny metal capable of being alloyed with various other metals. One of these is iron. Zinc-iron resembles zinc in color and other characteristics and both are popular plating metals. Yet, although we perform both types of plating at DeKalb Metal Finishing, some clients actually prefer, zinc-iron plating. They select it more often than straight zinc plating because its properties are more advantageous in several ways including ease of further finishing.

What Is Zinc-Iron?

Zinc-iron is an alloy of two metals: zinc and iron. It is the result of zinc plating with the addition of an iron alloy. The content of iron resides between 0.3 and 1.0%. At DeKalb Metal Finishing, our zinc-iron deposits typically contain 0.4 to 0.8% by weight.

The purpose of such product is to improve the existing properties of zinc. Zinc-iron plating works with the substrate metal component to further enhance and improve the properties of the base metal. This gives zinc-iron plated materials some advantages over a non-plated component.

Why Use Zinc-Iron Plating?

One important advantage of applying a zinc-iron layer to a substrate is improved corrosion resistance. Since zinc has a high resistance, by alloying zinc and iron to plate an item, you are increasing its resistance between 25 and 50%. At the same time, zinc-iron plating provides the substrate layer with other benefits, which include:

– Solid weldability
– Good ductility
– Excellent surface appearance
– Even distribution over even edged and irregular components
– Superior lubricity
– High level of hardness
– 480+ hours of salt spray resistance

Zinc-iron plating is an excellent choice for components intended to undergo further manufacturing operations such as top coats and coatings, dyes, and waxes. This process also ensures the component will accept almost any color. In the automotive industry, for example, intense black chromate finish is very popular. Overall, perhaps the most attractive feature of zinc-iron plating is its ability to create a blacker part than can be achieved through the use of zinc plating technology.

Employing Zinc-Iron Plating

At DeKalb Metal Finishing, we are industry leaders in zinc-iron plating. Companies who want improved and cost-effective corrosion protection for their products understand what the process can achieve for their components. We employ the latest in non-cyanide alkaline techniques to protect the environment while maintaining high quality standards and specifications.

Whatever your part configuration, at DeKalb Metal Finishing we provide high quality zinc-iron plating that offers aesthetic, functional, and cost-effective advantages.

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