The Process of Zinc Nickel Electroplating

At DeKalb Metal Finishing we provide zinc nickel electroplating for customers in the automotive industry as well as other industries requiring parts that are corrosion resistant. Zinc nickel is superior in corrosion resistance to zinc and zinc iron electroplating, and it is also much safer to use than cadmium coating or other toxic and potentially carcinogenic finishing options of the past.

Most automotive zinc nickel electroplating specifications require that we plate between twelve and sixteen percent nickel in the deposit. This produces a surface that can withstand up to 24 hours of 250 degrees Fahrenheit followed by thermal shock without any compromise in the corrosion resistance of the part or component.

The Considerations
There are several factors that are considered before starting the electroplating process. We will spend the time needed to ensure that we understand your requirements for the part and any specifications you have with regards to tolerances for the plating.

We will evaluate the parts you need plated, and then develop a process to electroplate your order to specification. Additionally, we have a 100% on-time delivery record that is very important.

Our plating system is set up to run jobs of all volumes. We can process your parts weather there are a few hundred parts or a few million. All of our parts are rack plated, so each part is handled with care and correctly exposed to the plating bath for optimal uniform plating. We provide plating to your required tolerances. We also provide inspections and testing of the run to ensure the effectiveness of the finishing process.

After the zinc nickel electroplating is completed, the part can be processed with RoHS compliant clear trivalent passivates and sealers. This is an essential consideration for any parts exported, and it is also important for many companies operating here in the United States. Our deposits are blister free and allow easy bonding of rubber to the metal parts, which makes this a very versatile metal finishing option.

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