What is Kesternich Testing?

Kesternich testing sulfur dioxide

Kesternich testing, also known as Kesternich corrosion testing, is a method used to evaluate the corrosion resistance of metallic materials, including plated surfaces. The test is named after the German engineer Wilhelm Kesternich who developed the method. The Kesternich test is specifically designed to simulate the corrosive effects of acidic atmospheric environments on metals. This…

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What is a Micron and Why They Are Misleading in Plating

Micron Thickness Tests

Before we talk about plating distribution, let’s first understand what a micron is. A micron is a unit of length equal to one millionth of a meter; a micrometer.  In the plating world, this results in a very thin layer of plating.  Most plating specs call for 5 microns, 8 microns, or 12 microns as the minimum plating…

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Zinc-Nickel Plating Specification Highlight: FORD – WSS-M1P87

Ford specs for zinc nickel plating

At DeKalb Metal Finishing, we care about closely following and meeting the specifications set forth by the automotive industry. This is a primary reason why we have become specialists in understanding the OEM specifications created for plating automotive parts. The most common questions we get as zinc nickel electroplating experts are regarding Zinc-Nickel (Zn-Ni) plating…

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An Overview of Metal Finishing Methods for Metal Plating


The numerous benefits of plating metal parts for the automotive industry and other industries inevitably leads to many methods of performing metal plating.  Professionals adopt different metal plating methods based on their metal products and needs. Some of these methods include: Electroplating  Electroplating is a process used when the metal used for plating is placed…

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Plating For Automotive Industry

With multiple metal components operating simultaneously, automobile manufacturers trust companies specializing in automotive plating to help protect every component, especially those that will be exposed to the elements. When choosing a manufacturer to go to for automotive plating, it is vital to know they offer the exact type of plating specified on the drawing and…

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Process For Zinc Electroplating

One of the most widely used plating services, zinc electroplating is a common plating used in automotive plating, aerospace, and a variety of other industries. Through the process of electro deposition, zinc is bonded with another substrate metal like iron or steel. The electro deposition process causes the zinc to dissolve, allowing free metal ions…

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The Process of Rack Plating

For more than 70 years, DeKalb Metal Finishing has been providing quality electroplating and metal finishing services with a primary focus on the automotive industry. Our processes are reliable and proven. We’re a customer friendly business that works hard to produce high quality products that will keep our customers in business for years to come.…

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When to Use Zinc Iron Plating

DeKalb Metal Finishing offers a wide range of different types of zinc plating. Included in our product lineup is zinc iron plating. We also offer the option to follow up the plating with trivalent passivates to give the component the required final look. Zinc iron electroplating is most often the choice when strong corrosion resistance…

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What Kind of Plating Do You Need?

When you need objects electroplated, it is best to determine which plating type best meets the requirements of your part. Electroplating companies offer a wide variety of plating types, but the procedure is similar for each. The electroplating process uses an electric current to cover an object in plating material that may be comprised of…

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