What is Kesternich Testing?

Kesternich testing sulfur dioxide

Kesternich testing, also known as Kesternich corrosion testing, is a method used to evaluate the corrosion resistance of metallic materials, including plated surfaces. The test is named after the German engineer Wilhelm Kesternich who developed the method. The Kesternich test is specifically designed to simulate the corrosive effects of acidic atmospheric environments on metals. This…

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Why is Zinc Nickel Electroplating Used on Parts for Rubber to Metal Bonding?

Zinc-nickel electroplating is commonly used on parts for rubber to metal bonding due to its excellent corrosion resistance and compatibility with rubber adhesion. Here are a few reasons why zinc-nickel electroplating is favored in such applications: Corrosion Resistance: Zinc-nickel alloy coatings offer superior corrosion resistance compared to other plating options like pure zinc or cadmium.…

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What Is Metal Plating and How Does It Work?

zinc plating

Metal parts are often prone to corrosion, mainly when used in an environment with a lot of moisture. However, by covering these metal parts with more noble metals such as nickel and zinc, these parts can last longer. The covering, also known as metal plating, creates a protective barrier. But how exactly does metal plating…

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Comparing Zinc Alkaline Plating to Acid Zinc Plating

Both zinc alkaline plating and acid zinc plating (chloride) can be applied to a wide variety of base metals and alloys. Choosing one over the other is largely a factor of the specific requirements of the coating, the base metal, and what will happen to the part after the plating process is complete. It is…

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Zinc Alkaline Plating: Anti-Corrosive and Environmentally Friendly

In the finishing industry, electroplaters can use one of several metals, alloys, and plating methods to achieve their goals. At DeKalb Metal Finishing, we specialize in zinc and zinc alloys. For over 70 years, we have focused on fulfilling our obligations to maintain high standards in our industry including our responsibility to the environment. Why…

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Corrosion Resistance For centuries, industries have exploited the incredible corrosion resistance that zinc and zinc plating provide, especially when applied to iron or steel. It is well known that iron and steel are very strong materials with many uses, but once exposed to the elements, these metals easily rust, corrode and break down. However, adding…

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