A Closer Look at Zinc Nickel Electroplating

One of the services we offer our customers at DeKalb Metal Finishing is guidance. Based on our years of experience, we are often asked to recommend the best type of plating for a particular part or component. Our team can review the specific factors of the use of the part and recommend the options in plating, passivates and finishing coats to provide the desired surface protection.

Zinc Nickel Electroplating: An Increasingly Popular Option

In the automotive industry, as well as in the manufacturing of parts and components for the aerospace, agricultural and heavy duty equipment industries, one of the coatings we often recommend is zinc nickel electroplating.

Why? The addition of 12%-15% of nickel to zinc adds dramatic results. Adding nickel to zinc can provide a part protection even during exposure to extreme heat followed by thermal shock. Overall, zinc nickel plating is a practical, cost-effective option that creates parts that simply last longer even in extreme applications.

The use of zinc nickel electroplating is also a better choice for many automotive, equipment and even industrial types of parts and components as it offers a very good surface for bondable rubber. For parts that require a permanent rubber component, rubber to metal bonding is the recommended plating process.

Quality of Zinc Nickel Appearance

For us, the design and set-up of the plating process is critical and something we excel at overall. A good set-up means good throwing power, which means the plating occurs uniformly across all the surfaces of the part. This is often a challenge with complex shapes in parts or those with recessed areas and contoured surfaces, both which are common in automotive parts. We make sure zinc nickel plated parts are uniform, bright and burn-free.

We also ensure within our zinc nickel electroplating services we provide that parts are blister-free and have the aesthetics to be used without any further finishing required. Should your specifications require test results, we can comply.

To find out more about our Zi-Ni electroplating service, or to discuss your specific requirements for any plated parts and components, get a quote or get in touch with our team today at 260-925-1820.