Application of Nickel Plating

Though not as widely used as some other electroplating processes, such as zinc plating, zinc nickel plating offers an improvement in corrosion protection, can be used for various complicated shapes, and provides amplified brightness when used as a base layer for a surface. Here are some common applications for nickel plating.

Zinc-nickel electroplating is the process of coating a substrate metal like iron or steel with a thin protective layer. This layer is a blend of zinc and nickel that has ample corrosion protection, a clean and whisker-free finish, and strong cohesive properties. This is fairly common use for zinc nickel plating, and can be seen used on automotive, industrial, and manufacturing applications across many industries.

One of the most important uses of zinc nickel plating is in manufacturing of consumer goods. This makes zinc nickel plating an ideal choice for any manufacturer or brand looking for a metal coating that is durable.

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