Key Factors in Zinc Nickel Plating Services

When customers are seeking zinc-nickel plating services, they typically look for several key factors to ensure that their specific requirements and quality standards are met. Here are some common considerations:

1. Corrosion Resistance: Zinc-nickel plating is often chosen for its superior corrosion resistance compared to other types of coatings. Customers prioritize service providers that can demonstrate effectiveness in providing high levels corrosion protection using zinc-nickel plating to protect the substrate which DeKalb Metal Finishing has been doing for more than 70 years.

2. Adherence to Specifications: Customers may have specific industry or application requirements for zinc-nickel plating. It’s essential for the service provider to adhere to these specifications to ensure that the finished product meets the desired standards. In the automotive industry, in particular, DeKalb Metal leads the way in meeting specification requirements. Customers in all industries look to DeKalb Metal to help with meeting the requirements of their specifications.

3. Quality of Plating: The overall quality of the plating is crucial. Customers will look for even and consistent coating, free from defects such as blisters, pits, or uneven thickness. The plating should meet or exceed industry standards and customer expectations. With our IATF 16949 Certification, adherence to quality standards is an area where DeKalb Metal Finishing is a marketplace leader.

4. Durability: Zinc-nickel plating is often chosen for its durability and wear resistance. Customers want assurance that their plated components will withstand environmental conditions and mechanical stress without early degradation. DeKalb Metal Finishing provides with exceptional wear resistance plus we specialize in rubber to metal bonding.

5. Turnaround Time: Timely delivery is a critical factor for many customers. A reliable zinc-nickel plating service should be able to provide a reasonable turnaround time without compromising the quality of the plating. DeKalb Metal has a 100% on-time turnaround record once timing has been provided.

6. Cost-Effectiveness: While cost is a consideration, customers are usually willing to pay for high-quality plating services that meet their requirements. A balance between cost and quality is often sought, which is an area that DeKalb excels in.

7. Compliance and Certifications: Customers may require their zinc-nickel plating service provider to comply with specific industry standards and regulations. Certifications and documentation demonstrating compliance can be important in these cases and DeKalb Metal always ensures their certifications are up to date.

8. Customer Service and Communication: Effective communication and good customer service are essential. Customers appreciate service providers who are responsive, transparent, and can provide updates on the progress of the plating process. DeKalb Metal has had repeat customers for years because of high communication and quality services.

9. Environmental Considerations: Increasingly, customers are concerned about the environmental impact of industrial processes. Service providers that can demonstrate environmentally friendly practices, such as waste reduction and proper disposal methods, may be preferred.

10. Experience and Reputation: A service provider’s experience in zinc-nickel plating and their overall reputation in the industry are important factors. Ask us about case studies where we have exceeded customer expectations.

By considering these factors, customers can make informed decisions when selecting a zinc-nickel plating service that aligns with their specific needs and quality expectations. The right choice is to contact the leaders in zinc nickel plating services in Indiana and the United States, DeKalb Metal Finishing.

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