Automotive Plating Services

At DeKalb Metal Finishing, we provide electroplating services perfectly suited for various automotive components. One of our most popular options for this industry is zinc plating, which provides advanced corrosion protection without compromising the surface it is being plated on. With a layer of zinc plating and a thin or thick film passivate, various componentry can withstand salt, water, dirt, and other environmental hazards with ample protection and strength. With automotive plating services through DeKalb Metal Finishing, your company can trust your components will be properly finished and handled, with efficiency and quality being our main objective.

Automotive plating is a thorough and calculated process that involves the submersion of the parts in a liquid tank. Once submerged, the components being plated act as cathodes, drawing the metals in the tank to their surface like a magnet. When bonded, a zinc layer coating is formed, which then oxidizes into zinc oxide. The deposited metal is blister-free and has no burns, making it ideal for seamlessly coating any surface.

At DeKalb Metal Finishing, we offer automotive plating services, including zinc plating, for a variety of applications. Whether you need zinc plating or another automotive plating service, DeKalb Metal Finishing can help you get started. With robust in-house capabilities and a history of taking on various medium-to-large-run projects, our team of industry professionals will work with you to achieve the best automotive plating services possible. To Learn more about DeKalb Metal Finishing and our capabilities, contact us today at 260 338 4090, or us our online configurator to request a free quote.