Choosing the Right Zinc Nickel Electroplating Company

Zinc nickel electroplating is one of the most effective methods for protecting metal. It is particularly popular in the automotive industry. When you choose DeKalb Metal Finishing you are assured of a high quality application using an alkaline electrolyte.

New customers have switched to us after having problems in the following areas from other plating service providers:

  • Coverage
    • Lack of a smooth and even coverage on each part. Without even coverage your corrosion protection could break down.
  • Blisters
    • If parts are not properly cleaned beforehand, blisters may occur. Issues like bath temperature and maintenance of plating chemicals can also cause problems.
  • Whiskers
    • Whiskering is usually caused by some type of stress. It can be heat or mechanical related.
  • Inconsistent Finish
    • Some parts may be almost perfect while others could be seriously flawed.

Solving These Problems is Easy with Dekalb Metal Finishing

DeKalb Metal Finishing has provided quality electroplating and metal finishing services for the automotive and general industry sectors for more than 70 years. With our experience and our IATF16949 certification and others, we ensure the following in our Zinc Nickel Electroplating:

  • Even covering and uniform plate distribution with exceptional corrosion protection
  • Bright, blister-free, whisker-free and burn-free deposits
  • Excellent adhesion characteristics with bondable rubber to metal applications

But what about service? Nothing is more frustrating than dealing with difficult or hard to reach customer service reps. Dekalb Metal Finishing is a customer-focused business available to solve your zinc nickel electroplating problems. Call us at 1-260-925-1820 for more information.