Plating For Automotive Industry

With multiple metal components operating simultaneously, automobile manufacturers trust companies specializing in automotive plating to help protect every component, especially those that will be exposed to the elements. When choosing a manufacturer to go to for automotive plating, it is vital to know they offer the exact type of plating specified on the drawing and can handle the size of your manufacturing run in a timely manner. At DeKalb Metal Finishing, we are dedicated to serving automotive manufacturers in the plating of various pieces of equipment, on a large scale.

Depending on the part you need plating and its intended use, you may utilize zinc plating, zinc iron plating, or zinc nickel plating. With a zinc plating service, automotive componentry can achieve moderate corrosion protection, with an exceptionally thin layer of zinc applied. Zinc nickel plating can achieve much better corrosion results and protect against galvanic corrosion. Zinc iron plating offers a visual improvement over black zinc plating and offers even more corrosion protection than zinc plating.

At DeKalb Metal Finishing, we are one of the leading automotive plating companies. We work with a variety of industry leaders that trust our team to get the job done. To learn more about our automotive plating services, including clear zinc plating, and zinc-nickel plating, contact us today at 260.338.4090, or use our online form to request a free quote.