Process For Zinc Electroplating

One of the most widely used plating services, zinc electroplating is a common plating used in automotive plating, aerospace, and a variety of other industries. Through the process of electro deposition, zinc is bonded with another substrate metal like iron or steel. The electro deposition process causes the zinc to dissolve, allowing free metal ions to bond with the surface, creating a thin, but strong layer of protection against corrosion. Once the layer of zinc is deposited on the surface of the metal, a chromate conversion coating is applied to protect the coating itself, providing another layer of protection. This is especially useful for components that are exposed to chemicals, salts, or water. As long as the metal you are working with bonds with the free metal ions in zinc, then zinc electroplating is a strong choice for preserving the look and usability of your investment.

Automotive manufacturers trust our zinc electroplating to help add a layer of protection to various automotive components, helping prevent corrosion and deterioration of the metal.

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