Process of Zinc Nickel Electroplating

Commonly used to preserve various metals from environmental and chemical exposure, zinc nickel electroplating works well across many industries. Utilized most commonly in the automotive industry, you can find zinc nickel electroplating on almost any automotive componentry, including underbody components. DeKalb Metal Finishing is a zinc nickel plating company with years of experience providing top-quality finishes for automotive parts. Below are some key insights into the process of zinc nickel electroplating and its advantages:

The process. The zinc nickel electroplating process begins with a zinc-nickel alloy, usually containing 10-16% nickel. By using an electric current, the atoms of the zinc alloy are able to bond to various substrate metals. Once bonded, the zinc alloy acts as a protective barrier to the metal, adding significant levels of protection against any outside corrosion or chemical exposure. By using a zinc nickel alloy, you can increase corrosion protection by up to 10 times vs zinc plating. Additionally, it provides and incredibly bondable surface for rubber companies to bond to. Zinc nickel plating can add some of the highest levels of protection to almost any automotive componentry.

If you are in the automotive industry looking for a zinc nickel plating company, DeKalb Metals is here to help. Depending on your needs, we offer a variety of finishing and coating options to give you the best final product possible. To learn more about DeKalb Metal Finishing and our extensive capabilities, contact us today at 260 338 4090, or use our online configurator to request a free quote.