The Best Zinc Nickel Electroplating Options

Zinc nickel electroplating is an automotive industry standard. Other alloys simply do not provide the same level of corrosion protection that zinc nickel electroplating does.

The benefits of zinc nickel electroplating include high corrosion resistance, reduced possibility of galvanic corrosion, and the ability to withstand high temperatures. Another primary benefit of using zinc nickel electroplating is that the resulting surface can offer a surface capable of rubber to metal bonding while still providing significant corrosion protection.

Automotive parts require skilled and consistent application of the electroplating. Electroplating technology needs to be able to handle complex geometries, covering surface areas evenly. The alloy itself also needs to stable, with a precise zinc to nickel ratio.

You can contact Dekalb with any part design or corrosion requirement to find out if zinc nickel electroplating is right for your project. Rigorous testing procedures ensure that the zinc nickel electroplating provides a safe and reliable surface area for your part, allowing you to add value to your products and ensure the best possible reputation for quality and service for your brand.

As stated, zinc nickel electroplating is an automotive industry standard but is fast becoming a favorite in other industrial contexts including the aviation and aerospace and military sectors. As an experienced and reputable company, Dekalb can provide the best zinc nickel electroplating for your projects and parts with the ability to tailor electroplating options to your needs.

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