Zinc Alkaline Plating: Anti-Corrosive and Environmentally Friendly

In the finishing industry, electroplaters can use one of several metals, alloys, and plating methods to achieve their goals. At DeKalb Metal Finishing, we specialize in zinc and zinc alloys. For over 70 years, we have focused on fulfilling our obligations to maintain high standards in our industry including our responsibility to the environment.

Why Choose Zinc Alkaline Electroplating?

By choosing an alkaline bath over a cyanide one, metal finishing companies can alleviate the potential for severe consequences, reducing the environmental impact of any waste products.

Additionally, the use of an alkaline bath does not decrease the desirable properties associated with zinc plating. In fact, when compared to acid zinc, zinc alkaline plating has a higher quality throwing power. Overall, this process offers:

  • High levels of corrosion resistance ideal for harsh environments including marine, high moisture and/or those subject to high levels of corrosive chemicals
  • Clear, bright coatings
  • Fine-grained and burn free results
  • Zero-stress deposits

DeKalb Metal Finishing utilizes a specific process to ensure optimal levels of protection against corrosion. Our innovative technology not only results in very high levels of anti-corrosion protection, but it also accomplishes this without the application of coatings that are overly thick.

Zinc Alkaline Plating

DeKalb Metal Finishing offers high quality, affordable zinc plating. Our staff and management continue to dedicate themselves to serving the needs of our customers while continuing our corporate responsibility to towards a clean environment. To keep these twin goals, we focus on providing RoHS complaint zinc alkaline plating.

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