Zinc-Nickel Plating: A Very Effective Anti-Corrosion Treatment

Industries rely on fabricators and other metal finishing services to provide durable, long-lasting and effective functional metal components. At DeKalb Metal Finishing, we have been providing excellent electroplating and metal finishing services for various industrial sectors for more than seven decades. One of our most effective corrosion-prevention treatments is zinc-nickel plating.

Zinc-Nickel Electroplating

Zinc-nickel alloy coatings date back to the 1980s. During this period, researchers advanced a functional application. Although growth since the development of this process remains slow, it has received avid acceptance among the automotive sector. This coating imbues the substrate metal with specific desirable properties. The results prove to be beneficial for the final products.

Zinc and the zinc-nickel alloy have the ability to create a dense protective film that adheres easily to the surface of the substrate metal. The possession of superior chemical as well as mechanical properties results in a zinc-nickel coating providing a perfect tool for specific applications. The automotive industry, for example, relies on zinc-nickel coatings to provide protection against corrosion and galvanic corrosion.

At DeKalb Metal Finishing, we ally the zinc-nickel coating through electroplating. To further increase the anticorrosive capabilities of the zinc-nickel plating, we overcoat with a trivalent passivate layer and top coat.

Zinc-Nickel Plating

Research and actual applications clearly indicate the advantages of applying Zn-Ni coatings where corrosion protection is critical. Whether you manufacture agricultural, automotive or construction equipment, or produce electrical transmission machinery, your products and components will benefit from zinc-nickel plating. At DeKalb Metal Finishing, our qualified, experienced experts can explain to you the benefits of using this process to improve the anti-corrosion qualities of your components. They will then work with you to ensure you receive the thickness and type of coating your substrates require to improve their reliability and effectiveness in harsh, demanding environments.

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