Zinc-Nickel Plating Process and Advantages

Primarily used in the protection of iron and steel, zinc nickel plating- or zinc nickel electroplating- is the process of bonding a zinc-nickel alloy to a substrate metal. During the process of Zinc nickel electroplating, the zinc and nickel chemically bond to the surface through electro deposition. This forms a thin and strong layer of protection that is chemically bonded to the substrate metal. Next, the surface receives a chromate conversion coating, further protecting the thin layer of zinc and nickel. All zinc nickel electroplating provides your vehicle or machinery enhanced protection against outside elements and forces, such as corrosion. Here are three key advantages to choosing zinc nickel electroplating over other electroplating services:

  1. Clean finish. With zinc nickel plating, there is no worry about potential metal shavings or “whiskers” coming off of the product or machinery, even when bent. Zinc nickel plating also allows metal surfaces to be clean, evenly distributed, and free of any blisters in the metal.
  2. Excellent Adhesion Characteristics. The zinc nickel electroplating bonds easily with various metals and rubber surfaces, making it an ideal choice for various industries.
  3. Durability. With zinc nickel plating, your product can withstand great amounts of heat, corrosion, and chemical exposure, without worry. This makes it ideal for protecting any company’s equipment—a large investment into their business.

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