Zinc-Nickel Plating: Producing Durable, Functional Protection

Manufacturers require their products to be functional in a variety of environments. At DeKalb Metal finishing, our staff works with our customers to provide them with durable, quality and highly functional components to ensure all products leaving our shop address all longevity and aesthetic concerns. This is why for those who specify anti-corrosive measures, we often recommend zinc-nickel plating.

The Advantages of Zinc Nickel Electroplating

Different industries have different requirements for their products. Many industrial manufacturers utilize a large amount of iron and steel as these metals form the basis for many different types of products. From steel girders to small components in electronics, iron and steel play a vital role in ensuring consumer product functionality. In the construction and manufacturing industries, heavy equipment must be able to withstand the vicissitudes in the environment. Temperature changes indoors and out can affect the performance level of the machinery. In the automotive industry, steel and aluminum are crucial materials that must be not only finished but protected. Our staff knows the application of a layer of zinc-nickel to the substrate surface of the ferrous metal can improve its ability to handle various elemental concerns.

Zinc-nickel plating:

  • Provides a coating of anti-corrosion protection to the metal
  • Increases the wear resistance of the metal
  • Improves durability and hardness of the part or metal product
  • Increases the longevity of the iron or steel component


Moreover, electroplating does not interfere with other processes including welding and painting. At DeKalb Metal, we continue to provide reliable, durable and highly functional parts and products through electroplating.

Zinc-Nickel Plating

Protecting iron and steel components from corrosive elements and hazardous conditions is important for our customers and their consumers. Various industrial concerns rely on the zinc-nickel plating services of our team of professionals to ensure the corrosion protection necessary to extend the longevity and improve the durability of their products. Contact us online or by phone at 260-925-1820 to learn how we can improve the quality and resilience of your components. We are always willing to work with you to find a solution that meets your company’s specifications and exceeds expectations.