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Plating For Automotive Industry

16 March 2021

With multiple metal components operating simultaneously, automobile manufacturers trust companies specializing in automotive plating to help protect every component, especially those that will be exposed to the elements. When choosing a manufacturer to go to for automotive plating, it is vital to know they offer the exact type of plating specified on the drawing and…

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Application of Nickel Plating

04 March 2021

Though not as widely used as some other electroplating processes, such as zinc plating, zinc nickel plating offers an improvement in corrosion protection, can be used for various complicated shapes, and provides amplified brightness when used as a base layer for a surface. Here are some common applications for nickel plating. Zinc-nickel electroplating is the…

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Benefits of Zinc Nickel Plating

02 March 2021

A popular way to protect various metals from corrosion, zinc nickel electroplating is widely utilized across many industries. With its resistance to harsh chemicals and other environmental elements, it is easy to see why this coating is a popular choice in the automotive industry. From underbody components to disk brakes, various automotive components are exposed…

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Process For Zinc Electroplating

24 February 2021

One of the most widely used plating services, zinc electroplating is a common plating used in automotive plating, aerospace, and a variety of other industries. Through the process of electro deposition, zinc is bonded with another substrate metal like iron or steel. The electro deposition process causes the zinc to dissolve, allowing free metal ions…

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Process of Zinc Nickel Electroplating

03 February 2021

Commonly used to preserve various metals from environmental and chemical exposure, zinc nickel electroplating works well across many industries. Utilized most commonly in the automotive industry, you can find zinc nickel electroplating on almost any automotive componentry, including underbody components. DeKalb Metal Finishing is a zinc nickel plating company with years of experience providing top-quality…

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Zinc-Nickel Plating Process and Advantages

01 February 2021

Primarily used in the protection of iron and steel, zinc nickel plating- or zinc nickel electroplating- is the process of bonding a zinc-nickel alloy to a substrate metal. During the process of Zinc nickel electroplating, the zinc and nickel chemically bond to the surface through electro deposition. This forms a thin and strong layer of…

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Automotive Plating Services

07 October 2020

At DeKalb Metal Finishing, we provide electroplating services perfectly suited for various automotive components. One of our most popular options for this industry is zinc plating, which provides advanced corrosion protection without compromising the surface it is being plated on. With a layer of zinc plating and a thin or thick film passivate, various componentry…

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Electroplating Companies: Responsive to The Challenges of The Times

02 April 2020

Like all companies, electroplating companies must adapt to meet the demands of changing times. In the past 3 years alone, there have been major systematic changes including the implementation of IATF16949, a new release of CQI-11, and an overhaul to the FMEA manual. At DeKalb Metal Finishing, our mission is to quickly respond and comply…

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A Closer Look at Zinc Nickel Electroplating

24 March 2020

One of the services we offer our customers at DeKalb Metal Finishing is guidance. Based on our years of experience, we are often asked to recommend the best type of plating for a particular part or component. Our team can review the specific factors of the use of the part and recommend the options in…

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Comparing Zinc Alkaline Plating to Acid Zinc Plating

05 September 2019

Both zinc alkaline plating and acid zinc plating (chloride) can be applied to a wide variety of base metals and alloys. Choosing one over the other is largely a factor of the specific requirements of the coating, the base metal, and what will happen to the part after the plating process is complete. It is…

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