Why Is the NAVISTAR – MPAPS G22 Specification Important to Automotive Part Manufacturers and Zinc Nickel Plating?

The NAVISTAR-MPAPS G22 specification outlines the requirements for the materials and manufacturing processes used in the production of engine components for Navistar diesel engines. Automotive part manufacturers who produce engine components for Navistar diesel engines need to be familiar with this specification to ensure that their products meet Navistar’s quality standards and are compatible with Navistar’s engines.

If a manufacturer fails to meet the NAVISTAR-MPAPS G22 specification, their products may not perform as expected and could potentially cause engine failure or other serious problems. This could result in significant warranty claims and damage to the manufacturer’s reputation.

In addition, many companies require their suppliers to meet certain quality standards to ensure consistency and reliability in their supply chain. Therefore, learning more about the NAVISTAR-MPAPS G22 specification is important for automotive part manufacturers who want to work with Navistar and other companies that require adherence to similar quality standards.

Why Is the MPAPS G22 Specification Important to Zinc Nickel Electroplating Services?

The MPAPS G22 specification is important to zinc nickel electroplating companies and the services they offer because it outlines the requirements and guidelines for the plating process. This specification, developed by the automotive industry, defines the composition, properties, and testing requirements for zinc nickel plating or coatings used on automotive parts.

Zinc nickel electroplating is a popular plating method used in the automotive industry because it provides excellent corrosion resistance and durability. However, the performance of the coating depends on the plating process, and any deviation from the specified requirements can lead to reduced quality and performance.

By adhering to the MPAPS G22 specification, companies like DeKalb Metal Finishing who specialize in zinc nickel electroplating services take the first step in assuring customers, like car part manufacturers, that their coatings meet the required standards for corrosion resistance, adhesion, thickness, and appearance. This in turn helps to ensure that the coated automotive parts meet the high quality and performance standards demanded by the automotive industry overall. Additionally, following the specification can help to reduce the risk of costly rework or rejection of the coated parts.

At DeKalb Metal Finishing, we adhere to our customers’ specifications as we know we are an integral part of the supply chain process and quality controls. This is one of the many reasons we are the preferred Zn-Ni plater for customers throughout the United States. We are not always the nearest raw zinc, zinc iron, or zinc nickel plating company to our customers, but we are their go-to metal finishing company because of service, value, and, of course, quality management. The fact we hold our IATF 16949 certification while most others do not says it all.

To learn more about any standard specification more in-depth, visit the S&P Global Standards website. Should you have any questions about DeKalb Metal’s quality controls, processes, or following of specifications for your plating needs, give us a call at 260-925-1820 or Contact Us today.

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