Get High-Quality Electroplating Services from Experts in the Industry

When you need electroplating services, you want to make sure you are working with a company that has years of experience in the industry. You also want to make sure that they can plate products for you in your specified manner. Be sure to select a plating company that uses RoHS compliant electroplating, including environmentally friendly passivates and sealers. DeKalb Metal Finishing has been in business since 1944 and is capable of meeting all of you zinc and zinc alloy needs with environmentally friendly methods.

How Does Electroplating Work for You?
An electrical current is used to coat a conductive item with a thin layer of material such as zinc nickel, zinc, and zinc-iron. This process is called electroplating and it offers a protective coating to many objects. Electroplating is used to protect otherwise weaker items that need an added element of protection from corrosion and abrasive use.

What Are the Benefits of Zinc-Nickel Alloy Plating?

  • Whiskers are eliminated while a product is bent after it has been plated.
  • Deposits at high current densities are still burn-free and bright.
  • As a function of the current density, there is a minimal variation of nickel content.
  • Deposits exhibit adhesion characteristics that are excellent and blister free.
  • This type of plating provides great covering power with the uniformity of plate distribution.
  • You get an excellent cadmium replacement.
  • Before and after thermal shock deposits offer incomparable corrosion protection.
  • Up to 360 hours to white rust for estimated salt spray results.
  • 1000+ hours to red rust for estimated salt spray results.
  • As a function of current density, there is a minimal variation of nickel content.

Get Reliable Electroplating Services from the Experts

Our electroplating services include alkaline zinc nickel with deposits of 10-17% nickel alloy. This type of coating can give your products an extreme level of corrosion protection and offer resistance against galvanic corrosion.

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