The Advantages of Zinc Nickel Alloy Plating

Looking for the right plating finish to keep your parts working longer? There are several advantages to using zinc nickel alloy plating. Here at DeKalb Metal Finishing we’ve discovered a proven and reliable process for plating and we’d like to share it with you.

Zinc Nickel Alloy Plating Process

DeKalb uses zinc nickel alloy electroplating processing primarily for the automotive industry. We provide quality zinc nickel plating by combining high performance chemistry with our high tech, state of the art control equipment. This gives us the capability of providing top-tier results no matter how difficult or complex the task.

Our zinc-nickel plating is 10-17% nickel with the remaining percentage zinc. This is the most preferred combination as it creates an alloy with exceptional corrosion resistance that can be easily passivated. Even after continuous exposure to 120 degrees Celsius followed by thermal shock, deposits are protected from corrosion and are bright, burn free, and ready for our RoHS complaint clear or black trivalent passivates.

This combination is particularly preferred by customers seeking a bondable rubber to metal application as this finish creates the ideal solution and fit.

Advantages of Zinc Nickel Alloy Plating

There are numerous advantages to the zinc nickel alloy plating process which we use here at DeKalb. First, it offers outstanding covering power and uniformity of plate distribution. As stated, even after exposure to extremely high temperatures and shock, it remains anti corrosive, bright and burn free.

In addition, deposits are blister free and have excellent adhesion characteristics making it a perfect fit for even bondable rubber to metal applications. When bent after plating, the zinc nickel alloy plating does not show any whiskers. There is minimal variation of nickel content as a function of current density. The process has improved resistance against galvanic corrosion as well.

Overall, there is a good alloy distribution, excellent deposit distribution, and it is compatible and ready for passivation. This ultimately creates the ideal coating especially for automotive parts.

Feel free to view our product page for product examples and additional techniques we use to enhance all of our customer orders here at DeKalb.

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