The Process of Rack Plating

For more than 70 years, DeKalb Metal Finishing has been providing quality electroplating and metal finishing services with a primary focus on the automotive industry. Our processes are reliable and proven. We’re a customer friendly business that works hard to produce high quality products that will keep our customers in business for years to come.

Rack Plating Process
One of the ways we ensure quality products is through the exclusive use of rack plating. In general, our electroplating works by using electrical current to coat a conductive object with a thin layer of material like zinc-iron plating or zinc-nickel plating. Plating is used in order to achieve a desired property such as corrosion protection, abrasion and wear resistance or even aesthetic qualities to a surface that lacks that property.

Rack plating is used for larger parts as well as for complex or even fragile parts. The process involves hanging parts on a rack that are submersed in our plating solution. Metal hooks hold the parts in place and provide necessary electrical contact needed.

Advantages of Rack Plating
Rack plating does have many advantages. For instance, this method is preferred for larger, more complex, and fragile parts. Additionally, due to part to parts separation, the quality of the product is usually significantly better than the quality from parts that have been barrel plated. There is also a smaller chance of mixed parts as parts are separated on their own tooling vs being plated in shared barrels.

If you are in need of plating and prefer the rack plating process, contact our sales team today.

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