When to Use Zinc Iron Plating

DeKalb Metal Finishing offers a wide range of different types of zinc plating. Included in our product lineup is zinc iron plating. We also offer the option to follow up the plating with trivalent passivates to give the component the required final look.

Zinc iron electroplating is most often the choice when strong corrosion resistance is required and an economical plating option is also a necessity. There is additional corrosion control, which makes this process ideal for specific components that may need to be used in environments that are highly corrosive.

In addition to our formulation of a zinc iron deposit, we also use specific additives. These additives create a finer grain on the coating, helping to enhance surface brightness and the bonding as well as stability of the coating alloy.

Further Finishing

While our zinc iron plating has a final brightness that is uniformly bright, it is not as often seen as a final coating. It is also a natural match for chromate passivation with a black color that leaves a lustrous, deep black finish that is extremely popular in the automotive industry.

Better Results than Zinc Alone

When it comes to salt spray testing, any metal finishing company will tell you that zinc iron plating outperforms zinc plating at a much lower cost per unit price.

This is great news for our customers, and it works in a wide range of different applications and industrial uses. The one drawback to the zinc iron electroplating option is that it is not effective as a corrosion resistant finishing option in high temperatures. At about 250 degrees Fahrenheit the test begins to drop off very rapidly, which is why we often recommend another finishing option for high-temperature environment use.

If you are interested in learning how zinc iron electroplating will satisfy your metal finishing needs, we will be happy to talk to you. We offer a wide range of support services in addition to just metal finishing to help our customers. Our support services include trucking, direct shipping to your customers, sorting, masking and special packaging to meet all your needs.

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